Week 1: Introduction & Team Formation

Posted on: Wednesday, September 12, 2007

During Week One, the Octobox team went through an incredible creative process to not only find out about ourselves and our goals as individuals, but as a team. The first task was to form a team and find out what our individual and team skills were. We created our own “skill maps”, and then combined them into one large map to get a better idea of what skills are available in our team:


The second task of our process was to come up with a team name and logo. Since we have a team of 8, we decided to go with a name that reflected that. Our original name was “Cre-8″ (a play on the word “Create”), while our logo consisted of a cute little Octopus (because it has eight legs). After some careful consideration, we ended up changing our name to “Octobox”- we felt that “Cre-8″ was a bit too cheesy, and the word “box” allowed us to be more creative with our logo. Below is the final team logo/mascot:

he third task was to apply the logo to another form, in order to show our collective “team spirit.” We decided to go with a t-shirt:


The fourth task included creating a vision statement. The vision statement encapsulates who we are and what we hope to accomplish as a team:As a collective entity, Octobox creatively pursues fulfilling ideas with a manic appetite for fresh innovations.Finally, the fifth task was to come up with a joke. Keeping the “octopus” theme in mind:How many octopuses does it take to screw in a light bulb?1/8!