Week 2: Generating Ideas…

Posted on: Wednesday, September 19, 2007

During Week Two, the team spent days exchanging and developing ideas. The first thing that we did was get together and brainstorm 20 verbs and 20 adverbs, and combined them to form interesting action combinations; Collectively Wait, Tenderly Master, Visually Analyze, Easily Extract, Obnoxiously Produce, Accidentally Love, and Hungrily Enslave. After coming up with word combinations, we began brainstorming project ideas. The ideas varied from interesting, respectable, solid, crappy and even ridiculous. However, the ideas were pretty bland when put up against Octobox standards.

To recap our entire process of generating 20 verbs and 20 adverbs, please see the image below, which recaps our entire process:

From the above lists, we formed the series of seven combinations.

Quick recap:

Da-Streets Headband
This electronic device visually identifies people and advises the user on what do to in their presence. This is helpful when treading through gang infested neighborhoods.

Tactical Pants Retaining System

Also known as the belt, our rendition would carry sensors that measure weight and waistline to help encourage people to get rid of their bellies.

The smilie on the mug reacts its contents. Warning you if it’s too hot or stale or it’s going to taste like bleh.

IM Sunglasses

Voice recognition that displays text of what people are saying on your glasses so you don’t miss a thing!

After really considering them, though, we decided that most of the ideas weren’t very… good. So, we went back to the drawing board and brainstormed once more:

Which led to these five ideas:

Experience Sensory Input Action Context
1.) Not understanding/hearing what people say during conversations

Sound (Voice)

Displaying sound in a visual-textual form

Talking to people in general; Classes/Lectures; Overcoming nervousness
2.) Maintaining a consistent exercise plan while monitoring calorie intake

Touch/Vital Signs

Inputting calorie intake/monitoring calories burned (wear while exercising)

After meals/snacks & while exercising

3.) Forgetting ordinary objects that are necessary for everyday use


Scanning objects at the door (before one leaves their home)

When leaving the home (for work, school, etc.)

4.) Transcribing white board markings directly onto one’s desktop

Touch (Wireless Sensors)

Writing on a white board

Quick group brainstorming (at school, work, etc.)

5.) Boredom on Public Transit

Touch (Wireless Signal between Devices)

Receive signal (vibrating action) + transmitting

Cultural/Social Play

1) IM Sunglasses
During important conversations, IM Sunglasses will sharpen your focus and ensure you won’t miss a single word.
Sanjay arrives at school early one morning and strikes up a conversation with a female classmate. While ordinarily he becomes flustered when talking to women in face-to-face conversations, the IM Sunglasses allow Sanjay to inconspicuously reference a textual representation of the discussion. With the ability to occasionally glance at the specific words and phrases, Sanjay can maintain his composure if he happens to become temporarily distracted or frazzled.

The IM Sunglasses are a wearable device that capture vocalizations (during conversations, lectures, etc.) and transforms them into text, which is then displayed on the inner side of the device (to be read by the user). While the primary target audience consists of IM users, the device may also appeal to users with social anxieties, those who are forgetful, and those who experience hearing difficulties.

2) MotoWeight
While monitoring your workout regime and calorie consumption, Moto V8 serves as a supportive and helpful personal trainer.
On a Tuesday morning, Sheila plans on scheduling her workout for the late afternoon. After consulting her MotoWeight she recalls her last session and a suggested guideline for her next workout. Throughout the day, whenever consuming a meal or a snack, Sheila consults the MotoWeight to input her calorie intake by finding the food/drinks in the device’s database. Later that day during her workout, she attaches the MotoWeight to her arm. At the end of the day, Sheila consults the device for a charted comparison of her calories burned and those that were consumed.

MotoWeight is a portable weight loss and exercise manager. In monitoring the user’s workout regimes, it provides suggestions for improvement (exercises that may be overlooked) and tracks the number of calories burned for future reference. Concurrently, MotoWeight also encourages the user to input diet information. Upon entering specific foods and drinks, the device will tally the user’s calorie intake. On request, the device will create daily/weekly comparisons between calorie intake and calories burned, providing the user with a perspective on the success of their diet and lifestyle. While this may appeal more to professional athletes, users who are keen on dieting or losing weight will also be interested.

3) Remind Me
Before you leave the house, Remind Me prevents you from forgetting anything of importance.
Fran is experiencing yet another hectic morning and is in a rush to get to school on time. She grabs her backpack, her house keys, and her cell phone. Upon arriving at her front door, she approaches the Remind Me system and is scanned. A checklist appears on the screen and notifies Fran that she has forgotten her bus pass. She is also informed of the current thermostat reading. After addressing both concerns, Fran leaves her house with the satisfaction that she’s avoided another predicament.

Remind Me is an interactive manager that ensures users will not forgot anything of importance before they leave their homes. More specifically, the user attaches RFID tags to objects that he/she uses on a daily basis (i.e. bus pass, credit cards, wallet, keys, glasses, etc.). Upon approaching his/her front door, the system will scan the user to check whether all programmed objects are present. The system also notifies the user of information such as the current thermostat reading, which may remind the user to turn down the heat before leaving. This device can be targeted to users of all ages, but those who are particularly forgetful will be most interested.

4) Scribble This
Writing on white boards becomes digital with Scribble This.
With a deadline approaching, Manny is amidst a productive team brainstorm. Rather than disrupt the team’s flow and migrate the team’s focus onto a computer, Manny encourages the team to complete their ideas in a rough state on a white board. After the ideas have been finalized, Manny plugs his Flash Drive into the white board and uploads a digital version. He then modifies it on this computer and with time to spare, works with his team to prepare a presentation.

Scribble This is a specialized white board that converts writing into digital text (i.e. for use in a Word document) and diagrams into vectors (i.e. for use in programs such as Adobe Illustrator). While many similar devices exist on the market (most notably the SmartBoard), Scribble This is unique in its conversion capabilities that allow users with Flash Drives or other USB devices to quickly transfer rough work into a presentable digital state on their laptop or personal computer. Given the context of the product, it is best targeted to university/college students and businesses.

5) MoSo (Mobile Social Networking) Device
MoSo unites people with common interests, initiating friendships and more!
Timothy takes the SkyTrain on a daily basis. Under ordinary circumstances, he would find himself bored and unwilling to converse with nearby passengers, but with the MoSo Device, Timothy is able to find someone who shares his affinity for professional wrestling. The device pinpoints the location of the passenger and Timothy initiates an absorbing conversation and perhaps, a new friendship.

MoSo is a social networking device that encourages interaction between users in close proximity who share similar interests, but may not meet under ordinary circumstances. Once a user has input a list of his/her interests, hobbies, and other personal information, the device will search for other nearby users. Instances where the device is best utilized are in public transit and in other large public places. This product will likely have wide appeal to most age groups.