Week 10: One More Time

Posted on: Wednesday, November 7, 2007

To begin this week, our entrepreneur Andrew, explores other possible forms for the Sustain-A-Stack design.

“I think that we need to take the word furniture more seriously. There are many other types of furniture that must be explored. Let’s see what happens”

Here’s what Andrew came up with:



During class this week, we expanded on the work we’ve been completing over the past week. During the lab session, each team was expected to give an update in the form of a brief presentation where the team’s preferred feedback event would be discussed in detail. Furthermore, each team would outline the three activities that will be utilized during the event. Although we had already completed a brief summary of our preferences, our team had the opportunity to expand on such intentions. During the presentation, Kurtis introduced our team and our event type. Manuel expanded on this by describing the three activities we intend on integrating into our user feedback interviews. Afterwards, we received feedback from the class and the instructional team. There wasn’t too much time remaining in class, but Thecla encouraged our team to ensure that in beginning our interviews, we introduced a concrete context (if we decided against introducing our project initially).

Aside from the lab session work, we’ve been addressing the short-term goals we set last week. For the most part, each of these goals have been completed! We finished the mood board, an interface mock-up, user profiles, and physical sketches. Each can be seen and described in our design document that will be submitted later.