Open House Prototype Plan

Posted on: Thursday, January 31, 2008

Team Name:
Team Octobox

Team URL:

Team Members:
Kurtis Beard
Derek Pante
Manuel Pineault
Andrew Thong
Katrina Chua
Sammy Jayetileke
Brian Quan

Prototype Plan Fall’07 Midterm Walkthrough:
1) Project Overview
2) Scenario One: Physical Prototype
3) Journey Framework: Physical Prototype
4) Demonstration: Physical Prototype
5) Scenario Two: Widget Prototype
6) Journey Framework: Widget Prototype
7) Demonstration: Widget Prototype

Prototype Plan Open House:
1) Built widget, no connection to physical prototype
2) Working physical prototype (water and light systems)
3) Brochure
4) Poster in the background :)

Equipment Requirements:
1) Table
2) Projector
3) Power bar & outlet
4) Arduino
5) Chairs [6]

Space Needs:
Enough space for our physical prototype, table, and projector screen.

Space Allocation:
We’d like to be outside!